Minggu, 16 Juni 2013

The Peace House

Life is incomplete if we do not have domestic peace and comfort, many people in Indonesia, even in the whole world wants it, but to realize that we need a very strong effort from within each, the times the continuous influence human life cause difficulty for someone to achieve all that. Many youth in urban areas even in rural areas whose names have not felt peace in the household, less attention from parents, they are just busy with their own work, away from the name of togetherness. To realize peace in the household does not have to have a luxurious house that has the cars of various brands, a large yard that contained a variety of flowers, and room air conditioning, because it does not necessarily guarantee peace in the household. Life simple also can make it happen. The most important thing that must be achieved that is harmony in the household, care and support and love from their parents, because it plays an important role in the household.

The Peace House

My name is Heri Iswanto I lived in pemulutan village, there is I have a family has a very simple and prosperous. I have six siblings, three brothers and three sisters, four of my siblings already have their own families are far apart but even so we still keep in touch with both help each other, now I live with my parents and a younger brother who still have a say in the second grade of high school. My father’s name is Bastoni, he is very responsible and very fond of us, my father was willing to do anything for the sake of seeing their children happy and successful, every day my father would get up in the morning to prayer and work to earn a living. My mother’s name is Maryani, my mother always provided support to me in any way and always do the best for us, every morning my mother always get up early and prepare breakfast in the kitchen tirelessly. For me the mother is everything.

                We live in a house located in a village is very simple, which only consists of three rooms is the living room, two bedrooms, and kitchen. It was there where we had shelter, talked. I have one favorite room is the living room because it is where I can get together with my extended family, we often talked together while watching television and sometimes we had dinner together in the living room. In the afternoon I often see the scene outside my house, there are many mature leafy and clean flowing river with gentle as he saw birds flying in the air. Especially when the night comes peace and happiness so we feel, the mother always gives a smile and high spirits.

                Although our lives are very simple but I am very pleased and feel fortunate to have a peaceful family like this that I can not find anywhere, is where I indulge the family gathered together to exchange ideas, mom always gave me advice and support is very high. I hope can continue with them in good health and always happiness. One thing that can only tell them thank you for everything you have given me. I love my family.

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